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    Welcome! I’m so glad you are here. My name is Tania (pronounced like you would Tanya/Tonya) and I believe choosing a photographer is more then just looking at images- it’s establishing a long lasting relationship with someone you enjoy being around who can capture key moments in your lives. Since I see us becoming great, life long bosom friends- here’s a little info about me.

    I have had the opportunity to live all around the world. I was born down south, then moved to the East coast, then to Europe, then finally down to Texas. (I wasn’t born here, but I got here as fast as I could!) Since then I have shown to be a hybrid of cultures from the places I have lived- I like to walk and drive fast and talk and eat slow. I love cityscapes and sunsets, hammocks and limos, giant soirees and intimate gatherings. I make it a habit to have a blast wherever I go and whoever I’m with and my friends have dubbed me as the “most friendliest person ever”. (Aren’t they great?)

    I am a proud graduate of the University of Oklahoma (Boomer Sooner!), where I ended up due to an Acting scholarship. After realizing my dream of taking Broadway by storm had fizzled out a little bit, I switched over to Public Relations and Journalism and wrote for 2 separate publications throughout college. While photography is my favorite art, writing is a close second. I love creating a rhythm and pace with words and painting a picture. So since a picture is worth a thousand words…you might get a thousand words to go with it.:)

    I have been obsessed with cameras as long as I can remember and was affectionately nicknamed “Paparazzi” throughout high school and in college. (Hey someone’s got to capture those infamous moments!). I moved into a professional capacity as a photographer in 2009, thus Tania June was born. Tania June is all about romantic, beautiful images with sunshine, love and laughter- some of my favorite things! My literary hero in life is Anne of Green Gables, and just like her I am a redhead with an overactive imagination, so when appropriate I like to bring creative elements and props in to the shoot.

    I’m married to my best friend Scott and we are fur-parents to our 2 mini Australian Shepherds, Boomer and Bella. I’m a follower of Jesus Christ and have been incredibly blessed with a ton in my life. We love having dinner parties, wine and cheese nights and playing board games. Scott and I make a great team and work together to make sure our clients are relaxed, comfortable and happy during their session or wedding. We have become close with most of our past clients and you will probably see them at a wine and cheese night at our house! We’d love to have you as a client/friend too so feel free to give me a call anytime. I’d love to hear all about you!

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One Year Portraits & Family Photos in Coppell, TX

On one of the coldest mornings we had in the year so far Scott and I met Mallery, her husband Ben and their adorable son Landon at Andy Brown Park in Coppell, TX.  Even though we were all freezing Mallery, Ben and Landon were great sports and all looking completely adorable! It was all smiles from the get go from everyone – especially Landon! He is one of the most easy-going, happy kiddos I have ever worked with!  He was celebrating his one year birthday and Mallery wanted to make sure he got his one year portraits in to go with it!



As the temperature slowly climbed up and the sun peeked out finally (and as we all got a work out chasing sweet Landon around!) we got some great shots with the sun in it’s full glory!:)


Family photos Andy Brown Park Coppell, TX

Family photos Andy Brown Park Coppell, TX

Family photos Andy Brown Park Coppell, TX


Isn’t Mallery stunning???? Such a beautiful woman!:)

Landon had the best facial expressions and kept all of us completely entertained.  He is such a fun kid!! I loved interacting with him:)He had a blast exploring all the gorgeous fall foliage.
Family Photos Andy Brown Park Coppell
Family Photos Andy Brown Park CoppellFamily Photos Andy Brown Park CoppellFamily Photos Andy Brown Park Coppell


Many thanks to this entire gorgeous family for the laughs and fun.  We had a blast with you all! Be sure to come back tomorrow to check out part two – you didn’t think I’d let any one year shoot happen without an amazing cake smash did you??? This is one you definitely do NOT want to miss!!!

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Family Photos in Georgetown, TX

Scott and I were lucky enough to travel down to Georgetown, Tx to take some family photos for Jenny – a friend from college. Here she is, by the way- isn’t she super cute???

I was particularly thrilled to do these because I love that families with adult children still recognize how important and fun it is to get together and take some great photos! They shared with me this was the first time in over 10 years they had taken professional pictures so I was super honored that they chose us to do the photos for them!!!  I had a blast working with this family- they were particularly fun- you could really tell they loved being around one another and telling jokes and stories…and of course they are ALL super attractive…great DNA I guess!?!?

There were also some super sweet couples in attendance so I snagged the opportunity to get some shots of the lovebirds:)Soo cute!


(Doesn’t she look like a gorgeous version of Reese Witherspoon??!?! So pretty!!!)

Of course we had to do some girl/boy splits between the family as well!


Jenny had a super fun idea to reenact a photo from the last time they had family photos. The original photo was done on a bicycle and it showed 4 kids on the bike and sweet little Jackie on the ground throwing a bit of a tempter tantrum because she wasn’t big enough to join her older siblings on the bike.  We made it a little more grown up using a motorcycle and even allowed Jackie to get up and join the older kids at the end:)She was such a great sport!



And finally we wrapped things up with a mini shoot for this couple. I was really impressed with them- she’s a Sooner (Boomer!) and he went to OSU. The shoot was on the day of the OU/OSU Bedlam game and they were totally civil to each other!:)Who won that game?? Oh…that’s right, OU did.:)Yay!


Thanks again to the Kay family for choosing us to do their photos!:)And also for being so gorgeous and so fun!!! Can’t get much better then that!!

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