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Jessica & PJ | Richardson Wedding Photographer

Recently I had a chance, once again, to shoot with the Fabulous Katie Lamb of Katie Lamb Photography. Except this time I didn’t go down to Houston- she came up this way for a wedding about 5 minutes from my house- hooray for Richardson! The funny thing is I didn’t even know we had a country club like 2 miles from my house. Hmm. Maybe this is because I drive the same 5 places with the same time trusted routes?  Who knows. Regardless, Canyon Creek Country Club was really pretty!

The bride, Jessica, was super cool.  I gotta love a girl who wears TOMS down the aisle and busts out awesome dance moves.  The groom, PJ- he and I united over a quick conversation of our Dallas Mavs fandom. And the entire wedding party? They were LEGIT. Super attractive and super fun- there was even a GroomsWOMAN! woo! Love it.

The entire day, from start to finish was a blast.  Everyone was all joy and smiles all day long. The rain held out for the outdoor wedding, we had a gorgeous sunset for the indoor reception. Everything was so bright and happy and colorful.  The reception was a true party and celebration (I learned how to do the Superman..I know I’m like 6 years behind), and in the end Jessica and PJ started their happily ever after by heading to Disney on their honeymoon. True love it is!:)

Thanks again to Katie for letting me tag along.  :) And congrats to Jessica and PJ!

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June 11, 2012 - 3:10 pm

Sarasota Portrait Photography - First of all, props to you on your solid use of the word “legit.” Secondly, a groomsWOMAN???? Awesome! Love the bride’s gown…beautiful photos!!

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