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Family Photos in Georgetown, TX

Scott and I were lucky enough to travel down to Georgetown, Tx to take some family photos for Jenny – a friend from college. Here she is, by the way- isn’t she super cute???

I was particularly thrilled to do these because I love that families with adult children still recognize how important and fun it is to get together and take some great photos! They shared with me this was the first time in over 10 years they had taken professional pictures so I was super honored that they chose us to do the photos for them!!!  I had a blast working with this family- they were particularly fun- you could really tell they loved being around one another and telling jokes and stories…and of course they are ALL super attractive…great DNA I guess!?!?

There were also some super sweet couples in attendance so I snagged the opportunity to get some shots of the lovebirds:)Soo cute!


(Doesn’t she look like a gorgeous version of Reese Witherspoon??!?! So pretty!!!)

Of course we had to do some girl/boy splits between the family as well!


Jenny had a super fun idea to reenact a photo from the last time they had family photos. The original photo was done on a bicycle and it showed 4 kids on the bike and sweet little Jackie on the ground throwing a bit of a tempter tantrum because she wasn’t big enough to join her older siblings on the bike.  We made it a little more grown up using a motorcycle and even allowed Jackie to get up and join the older kids at the end:)She was such a great sport!



And finally we wrapped things up with a mini shoot for this couple. I was really impressed with them- she’s a Sooner (Boomer!) and he went to OSU. The shoot was on the day of the OU/OSU Bedlam game and they were totally civil to each other!:)Who won that game?? Oh…that’s right, OU did.:)Yay!


Thanks again to the Kay family for choosing us to do their photos!:)And also for being so gorgeous and so fun!!! Can’t get much better then that!!

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