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Family Portraits and a Cake Smash | Dallas Family Photographer

What do you get when you combine 2 gorgeous educators, an open field with a cityscape in the background, a sunrise, a warm morning in May, a field full of wildflowers, a nearly one year old little stunner with crazy long eyelashes, a smash the cake session, coffee, a few wardrobe changes and lots of laughter? Well you get something like this:


Way back when, when I rebranded and renamed my business I ran a contest for a free portrait session. While I wish I could’ve given a session to everyone who entered I (rather should I say was only able to choose one winner- Brandon.  Brandon is a husband to Jaime and a father to their sweet little boy, Dillon.  Jaime and Brandon are both teachers and even though the end of the year is always a little frantic for all my teacher friends, we were able to carve out some time very, very early on a Saturday morning to do their family session.  Their little man was about to turn one (happy late birthday D!) and they wanted to do a combo one year/cake smash session, which I was happy to oblige! We started out with family portraits and ended with a baby covered in icing:)



I think us adults had more fun with the cake smash then Dillon.  But he certainly seemed to be getting the hang of it – great practice for his birthday party which was several weeks later!


Jaime and Brandon are an incredible couple.  The love, patience and kindness they have towards their students, each other, son and all they interact with is remarkable.  We had a wonderful time on the shoot and I had a great time getting to know Jaime and Brandon both better over our post-session breakfast at Original Pancake house over my beloved El Burro. Although if you try to order that they will look at you crazy- the name is now “breakfast burrito”.  How boring. Sigh. El burro shall live on!!!:)Anyone with me?

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