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Cake Smash in Coppell TX

If you haven’t already checked out Part 1 of this families gorgeous shoot from yesterday then you are missing out! But I will admit the cake smash always holds a special place in my heart- something about the combination of icing, baby giggles, sugar and fresh air that just does it for me.


Landon is the most expert cake smasher I have worked with. He is extremely resourceful and figured out that he didn’t necessarily have to get dirty- he could use his candle as a spoon of sorts to dig into the cake and feed himself.


There is nothing I can say to do this photo justice…caption contest?:)




I can’t help cracking up whenever I see that picture. ┬áIt just makes me happy!! HOORAY CAKE!:)

I would definitely call the smash successful. Great job Landon!:)


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