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Baby, Two Dogs and a Window

If you let me babysit for you- this is what happens

I take a million photos of your adorable baby boy.  I happen to sneak in my sweet dogs in the background outside because they can’t be trusted around said baby since they keep trying to lick him and bring him toys.  At least I know that when I have children one day my dogs won’t want to eat them or anything.

This is my bad. I should have wiped this face before taking these but he finished eating and went right for the windows, so I couldn’t help it!

Speaking of windows- don’t judge. They are clean until my dogs smoosh their noses all over them and lick the window repeatedly. If only licking opened doors….

It doesn’t get much cuter then these 3 does it?:)Anyone have any anti-licking window remedies for me to try?


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