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Happy Valentine’s Day!! Is everyone feeling loved!?! Because you ARE!!!:)

I love Valentine’s Day.  Always have!  As a kid it was so fun to craft up some creative gifts for your classmates- and see what you got in return! As a teen it was more about getting to wear red and pink unashamedly and have fun “girl’s parties” with my friends at our house.  In college it was always fun to see what guy I’d go out with that week, and had a pretty constant stream of guys to choose from and buy me flowers (what can I say, I was a player back in the day.  Surprised?)  But my favorite Valentine’s Day ever was 2008.

I had been on 2 great dates with this guy I had just met, named Scott.  He was really kind hearted and godly and cute. He made me laugh and let me talk for hours about nothing and didn’t tell me he couldn’t stand how much I talked and would be breaking up with me now (true story of one of those revolving door college guys…boo your face, sir).  He had asked me a week in advance to spend Valentine’s evening with him for our third date, and I happily agreed.  We had gotten risqué on our second date and held hands (ooooh) but that had been the extent of the “romantic” stuff.  He was such a gentleman!

On Valentine’s 2008 however, I was at work watching all my coworkers get flower delivery after flower delivery after flower delivery.  I was struck with a really intense bought of jealousy and allowed my heart to get really bitter and angry.  ”Valentine’s Day is just commercial and stupid,” (I grumbled to myself) “I don’t even know if this guy likes me.  Probably another dead end relationship.  Tonight probably won’t even pan out.  Why would a nice guy like that want to go out with me anyways…” and on and on and on.

As the day went on, and every single woman in my department got flowers besides me, I got crunker and crunker. (Yes, crunk).

Around 3:30 pm, my coworker ran over to me and said, “TANIA!! You just got a delivery! Come see!” I really thought she was joking and rolled my eyes and said “you are so mean to me”.

In turn, she rolled her eyes, walked down the hall and came back with a giant bouquet of red roses. “These are for you!! Seriously!”

My whole office had been following the Tania-Scott date stories (it was good entertainment) and so as 12 people gathered around me, my shaking hands reached for the card.  I will never, ever forget the message. It said:

“Hey Tania! These flowers are telling you that you are amazing!! Super super amazing;)Scott”

(I have this card framed (bordered with Washi Tape) in our kitchen:))

As the women shrieked and I blinked, I felt a woosh of air leave my lungs. I started to shake and tear up.  I put my hand to my heart (this is a true story!) and blinking through tears whispered to my friend “he really likes me”

She said: DUH.


So that changed my sorry attitude real quick.  Suddenly I couldn’t wait for my date. I left the building proudly carrying my beautiful bouquet, head held high. “he likes me, he likes me!” I went home, got dressed up and at promptly 7pm Scott was there to pick me up.  We went to MiMi’s cafe, I had wine (he didn’t drink at the time, but I sure did!), a wonderful meal and decided to hold off on dessert.

“Now what should we do?” he asked.  I had the beginnings of a plan in my head.  ”Want to go to my parent’s ranch?” I asked him. “I mean it’s like 75 miles away and it’s dark and it’s kind of a silly idea-” “Absolutely” he grinned, cutting me off in mid sentence. “Let’s do it!”

So off we drove to Bells, TX to my parents ranch.  We decided we wanted to stop for dessert but the choices in Bells are limited so we ended up at a gas station that sold Dicky’s BBQ.  There was a man who worked there, named Rich, who smiled at us “city folks” all dressed up and re-opened the closed restaurant so we could snag some ice cream.  He said it was “on the house in the name of love”, and beaming at Rich, Scott took my hand and we drove off toward the gravel driveway of my parent’s ranch.

(After we got engaged 5 months later we went back to thank Rich.  We had thought of him fondly for months and wanted to share how special he made that evening for us.  The times we went the people working there insisted that there never was a Rich working there and that they weren’t open that late, especially on Valentine’s Day.  An angel?  Who knows:))

Once we arrived at the ranch we sat on the wide, wrap around front porch and looked at stars.  It’s so beautiful there.  My parents don’t live there but my grandparents do so we decided to take a walk into the acreage.  There’s over  60 acres so while we didn’t cover all of it we walked into the pitch black clutching each other’s hands for about 20 minutes in silence.  We came to a fence line and we turned to look at each other and gently cupped my face in his hand and said “happy Valentine’s day, Tania” and kissed me.

Stars flew and butterflies were having a dance party in my stomach.  And still, in the back of my mind, “he likes me, he likes me!”

After the kiss, Scott took my hand and said gently, “I better get you home.” In the car, the entire way home we kept glancing at each other and smiling.  After walking me to my apartment door and giving me one last peck on the cheek, he was gone.

And here we are, 5 years later.  So much has happened and so many great memories in between, but in my mind that Valentine’s will be tough to beat.

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